It Only Happens in the Movies by Holly Bourne


Genre : Young Adult Contemporary

Publisher: Usborne Publishing

My rating : 4,25/5 stars











This book was such a refreshing Young Adult contemporary and I just can’t get enough of Holly Bourne’s books!

This book is about cliches in movies and our main character is absolutely sick of them. Someone broke her heart and her mother is having mental problems. She wants to escape her life so she starts working at a cinema. The most stereotypical boy is working at that cinema and you know what happens then….

I loved how the book talks about cliche things but still has them in the book to make fun of them. For example the gay best friend or the jealous ex girlfriend.

This book talks about such important things like sex, the first time and what being in an actual relationship is like.

The main character was one of the most normal and realistic teenage girls I have ever read about. She pointed out all the problematic things the love interest does without being annoying.

The ending was just perfect and this book was just amazing and so entertaining!


Secrets for the Mad by Dodie Clark : book review


Genre: Young Adult Non Fiction

Publisher: Ebury Press

My rating: 2/5 stars









This was the first book I read by a YouTuber and it was definitely the last.

Believe it or not I love Dodie. She’s a great musician and I love her videos. So when I saw that you could request an arc from NetGalley for her book I thought why not ?

The content of the book is not bad, but it’s aimed at a young audience that usually doesn’t read books. This is not a book for people who like books. This is a book for the teenager who never reads books and goes to Waterstones once a year to buy a book by a YouTuber.
What she talked about in her book was very important. She talked about mental health, alcohol, sex and relationships. These are all important topics for a 13 year old. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s just not for me. I knew all the things she talked about already, but I can see how someone younger than me could really benefit from reading this book.

She isn’t a writer, which you can see immediately from reading this book. Her life long dream wasn’t to get a book published. A publisher asked her to write a book and that’s never how a book should be written. A book should be written because of passion and love, not for money and fame.

Also everything she talked about in the book, she had already talked about in her videos. There was nothing new to her ideas.
I personally wouldn’t recommend this book, but if you are the biggest Dodie fan out there (and maybe a bit younger) go for it !

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo (book review)



Pages: 358

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

My rating : 2/5 stars







If you would try to put another Young Adult trope into this book you would fail, because everything bad about YA is already in this book.

Top 3 cliche things about Shadow and Bone :

Number 3:

The typical love triangle with the best friend she’s known since she is little, but for some weird reason there was no romance between these two characters until a bad boy came around. It’s as if a bad boy being in the same room with two other people makes them fall in love. Mal (the best friend) was one hundred percent NOT interest in the main character until the Darkling (the bad boy) came. They had like 17 years to be in love with each other, but nothing happened. Suddenly a bad boy comes and all they want is to spent the rest of their days with each other.

Number 2:

The Darkling or The Bad Boy Love Interest with a difficult past, who treats her as if she’s a stupid little girl but actually loves her

I just don’t get how everyone is in love with the Darkling. I have to admit his super power is pretty cool, but except from that he’s so much like every other love interest. You could take any other bad boy love interest from any other book and just replace his sentences. For example Warner from Shatter Me or Edward from Twilight.
Also he acts like a little child. “He shook his head and rose. “You don’t understand at all” he said and began walking back up the hill” Sorry did her not knowing offend you ?

What I hate most about him is the fact that he’s 120 years old. I will never understand this. Since when is it okay for a love interest to be older than your grandpa ? Since he doesn’t look like that?? Imagine dating someone who is that old, buuuuuuut they don’t look that old so I guess it’s all right????????????
Why ? Why would that make it all right? Also someone who has lived for such a long time wouldn’t act the way an 18 year old would, but for some weird reason they do. Also if you’ve been living for 120 years how can such a boring girl with no character interest you. Haven’t you seen something more interesting ?

Number 1:
The main character.
“The girl was different, and she knew it” It’s not even in the first chapter ! It’s in the before section. The book didn’t even give me a chance to like the main character. Also that sentence makes absolutely no sense since the girl constantly talks about how she can’t be the “chosen one” since she’s so normal. She says she’s just a normal skinny girl with brown hair. Nothing special. This main character could be switched with the main character from Shatter Me or City of Bones and you wouldn’t notice a different. She is like every other main character in every other Young Adult trilogy and it’s so annoying.

As if that’s not bad enough this girl completely loses her shit when the Darkling is around. Girl have a bit of self control . “He turned his attention back to the colonel and I realised that I had been holding my breath”(page 42, chapter 3) I wish I could erase that sentence from every book that has ever been written. Why were you holding your breath? Because the 120 year old grandpa looked at you ?!

She has no self confidence for the entire book, but then suddenly she seems extremely self confident while talking to the Darkling. It makes no sense !
“What are you smiling at?” (the Darkling)
“Myself”, I admitted.
“Are you that funny?”
“I’m hilarious”
(page 76)

I thought you were just an ordinary, boring girl with no self confidence. She can’t be a Grisha. Grisha’s don’t “have spotty skin and dull brown hair and scrawny arms” (page 76) The author forces her to be normal so badly that it’s just annoying.

Every chapter you get a sentence like this : “I’m not the world-changing type.” (page 171). She’s like one of those really pretty and popular girls in High School who constantly say they are fat, even though they are not, just so everyone can tell them how skinny they are.

She was so uninteresting, boring and annoying.



The only good thing about this book is that the Grisha world is so damn interesting. It’s such an amazing world and I’m so glad that we have the Six of Crows duolgy that gives this world justice !
Just skip this trilogy and go straight to those books.

Current favourites and updates

Hey! Long time no see… I’m sorry for the lack of posts on my blog, but I’m not here to make promises that there are going to be more soon. But I do have a reason for the lack of posts: I have actually started a YouTube channel !

If you want to check here is the link to it !


I still plan on posting on here whenever I can, but I just didn’t have time for it lately.

Let’s talk about my recent favourites !

First of all I finally went to the cinema to watch Baby Driver !



I love Edgar Wright and his movies so I knew when I heard that he has a new one that I need to watch it. This movie was just phenomenal and so much fun. I’m still listening to the soundtrack of it !






My next and very obvious favourite is the new season of Game of Thrones.

game of

This is probably the most hated season and the one that divides most fans. I understand a few of the problems people have with this season, but in my opinion it’s still fantastic. So many things fans have been waiting for are finally happening. The sixth episode ripped out my heart and I can’t wait for the season finale.




Talking about new seasons of great tv shows…


The third season of Rick and Morty is finally airing as well. Fans have waited years for the new season and this show just keeps getting better and better. It’s funny, weird, ridiculous, though provoking and just so entertaining. I hope the next season of the show won’t take as long.


Going on to a bit of lifestyle stuff. I have a new laptop and phone case I’m absolutely in love with ! I collaborated with @caseapp and I had the chance to design my own cases.

IMG_3395.JPGOn my laptop case I have all of my favourite fandoms and I love it so much. Just to mention a few of the fandoms: Harry Potter, Sherlock, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Avatar the last airbender, and many more….

IMG_3462.JPGOn my phone case I decided to get this marmor design and aangh in the avatar state on it.

If you want to design your own case or buy one of the designs caseapp already has just go to their website :

You can use my code BOOKS20CA for 20 % off your order



That’s it for the update and my current favourites. Let me know what are some of your current favourites ?



Thirteen Reasons Why ; Not so good after all ?

If you are a human being who has been on the internet for the last month you will have heard about Thirteen Reasons Why. This Netflix show was and is being watched by thousands of people and most of them are loving the show. I myself watched the show the second it came out. After a weekend of tears I was done watching the show and I thought it was great. Since then I did not stop thinking about it. The more I thought about the show the more my opinion changed. Then I read several articles talking about how triggering the show was and finally I came to a realization. The show I had thought was so great, wasn’t that good after all.



If you have not seen Thirteen Reasons Why I would suggest leaving now ! I will explain my opinion with examples and spoilers.

For me there are four reasons for not liking this show.

1.) Revenge story

Starting off with the fact that the entire story is about revenge. The book wasn’t like that. No-one seemed to really care about the tapes except from Clay, but with the show you get the perspective of everyone and you see how the tapes ‘destroy’ their lives.
For someone suicidal watching this show what Hannah did might seem like a solution. If you are being bullied you can destroy the life of the person who has been bullying you. If someone hurt you, you can hurt them. It’s a way to finally be heard. But it isn’t.

The most unrealistic thing about the show is how much suddenly everyone cared about what Hannah said in the tapes when Clay started listening to them. They didn’t care they were just scared that Clay would say something.
In real life teenagers wouldn’t have cared, because people don’t care about others.
Still the show made it seem as if Hannah could finally show them what they had done to her. Finally get revenge. This is not something people should be advertising or showing to someone in the same position as Hannah.


2.) Mental Health

She just makes a list of people that are the reasons why she killed herself, but the thing this show doesn’t even MENTION is mental health. Someone who is suicidal has mental health problems. This show just pretends as if Hannah only killed herself because of physical abuse. They don’t show her being depressed or anxious. If you are suicidal, you are most likely also depressed. The show didn’t even bother to mention that.
You can’t deal with the topic of suicide and leave out mental health issues or how seeking out for help is harder when it is because of your mental and not physical health. They should have talked about how teenagers are not being taken seriously when they say they have depressions or OCD. The show just walked passed all of those struggles.


3.) Justin’s back story

I don’t give a FUCK. I was so angry when they started showing Justin’s family life. It had nothing to do with the show or with Hannah’s story. I’m so sick of seeing films or reading books with guys who sexually assault girls but then the creator tries to get sympathy for that person with showing their horrible back story. I DON’T GIVE A FUCK.

Your family life, your childhood or any other part of your life is not an excuse or justification for any of your current actions. I’m sure the creators of the show agree with that, but I just don’t understand why they put that into the show anyway.
We didn’t need to see all that. They just wanted us to sympathize with Justin. Guess what? I don’t. Yeah he didn’t send the picture and he didn’t rape his girlfriend, but in every one of those situations he could have done something.
He was friends with Bryce until the very last moment for god’s sake.
Stop making people’s bad actions about their past or family life. In that moment it doesn’t matter.


3.) Clay being on the tapes

I know Hannah says that Clay wasn’t a real reason and that she just needed him on the tapes to tell her story, but that’s bullshit. She had no right to put Clay on her list. Clay did nothing wrong. Nothing. Clay was such a nice guy and I understand that she couldn’t appreciate that because of all the shit that was happening to her, but how dare she make his life so miserable. Clay is the one who suffers the most (after Hannah) from those tapes. My heart broke into pieces when he asked Tony if he killed Hannah. Why would she put him on that list and make him feel so miserable. It definitely wasn’t an apology. It just will make him feel miserable for the rest of his life.

Same with a lot of the other characters. I’m not trying to justify there actions. Definitely not Bryce’s or Justin’s. But everyone makes mistakes. Most of the ‘mistakes’ that have been made in this show were unforgivable, but what gives Hannah the power to accuse those people of murder. They will have to live with that burden for the rest of their lives. Most and for all still Clay. I will never understand how she was able to put Clay on the list.
4.) Help

First of all I don’t think Hannah ever tried to get help. When she went into the teacher’s office she had a tape with her because she knew he wouldn’t be able to help her with what she was telling him. In that moment she didn’t want help. She had already decided that she was going to kill herself. The teacher obviously should have still reacted otherwise and tried to help her.
The problem with this is that a lot of people won’t go seek help after watching the show, because Hannah tried it and it didn’t work. But well she actually didn’t try it.
I wish there had been a scene where she would have actively tried to get help and I wish there would have been someone who was eager to help. She could have just not accepted the help and the show would have gone on the same way. But with making such a show you have to think about suicidal people watching it and they would have needed such a scene.

What I liked about the show:
It starts a conversation in our society about very important issues.
It talks about our horrible rape culture and the ‘power’ of popularity.
It shows rape and bullying very honestly and without shying away.
It inspired me to look out for people who might need help in my surroundings and do something about it.

I think everyone should know for themselves if they want to support this show or not. There are a lot of benefits and great things, but with this kind of show mistakes are not acceptable. This show will be watched by many people and definitely by a lot of suicidal people. The trigger warning won’t matter to them, they want to relate to someone, but I don’t think Hannah should be that person.

April Favourites 2017

I’m trying to post monthly favourites every month this year. I already failed doing that so now I’m just trying to do it for the rest of the year 🙂 Let’s start !



I watched quite a few films this month but the one that stuck with me the most was Ex Machina. This is a fantastic film about Artificial intelligence. It’s a cross between Science Fiction and  Thriller. The film is absolutely stunning to watch, because of the location and the cinematography. The few actors that are in the film play their roles perfectly. What I liked most about it was the questions that the film asked and didn’t answer. It really made you think about very interesting topics, I had personally never thought of.  I think this was a fantastic film that needs more attention !



I had really been struggling to get into new shows for quite a while. That totally changed this month !

girlboss Girlboss is a new Netflix show that tells the story of Sophia Amoroso. She’s the founder of NastyGal. The show follows her as a girl in her twenties that has no idea what she’s doing. Life seems to be a mystery she hasn’t solved yet and everything is falling apart until she starts selling vintage clothes on Ebay and suddenly everything changes.
The show is so funny and so addicting. The episodes are only 20 minutes long and you always want to watch one more. The main character is the kind of person you like watching a show about, but you wouldn’t want as a friend. She’s an extremely different kind of character, which makes it even more fun to watch.



Prison Break is a show so many people have told me to watch but I just never did. Now I’ve finally started watching it and I’m already halfway through season two. It’s about a guy named Michael who goes to prison to escape together with his innocent brother. The bad thing about the show is it lowers your productivity since you won’t be able to stop watching it







I read quite a few good books this month, but my absolute favourite was The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger. While reading it I wasn’t even such a huge fan of it but the more I analyzed it and the more I heard other people talk about it, the more I fell in love with it. Also I’ve been in a few situations since reading it where I suddenly had to think about it. At a club or at a café, suddenly Holden came into my mind and I understood him.







I’m a huge fan of Dodie Clark. She’s one of my favourtie Youtubers and I always loved her music. I listened to her EP nonstop when it came out. This month she released a music video for one of her songs called Intertwined and I realized that I hadn’t really listened to the lyrics. After that I started to listen to the EP again and this time really thought about the lyrics. The lyrics is heartbreaking and so much more meaningful then I had thought. Would highly recommend checking her out.




Those are all of my April favourites ! Hope you guys liked it.

Let me know what some of your April favourites were 🙂

The whole thing together by Ann Brashers: book review


Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Publisher: Delacorte Press

Pages: 304

My rating: 4,25/5 stars

Edition: ARC from NetGalley






This book tells the story of one big broken family. You follow all the siblings’ stories from a divorced couple. Every single story from every sibling is extremely interesting on it’s own. You have a bit of a mystery, love story, finding yourself plot and lots of family drama.
I don’t know how Ann Brashers did it but every single character felt so real. Even side characters that only appeared in a few chapters. It was never too cheesy and always so realistic.

So often family is not a topic in Young Adult literature and that’s why I appreciated this book so much. It really digged deep into the relationships between everyone.

Since there are so many characters I feel like everyone will have a favorite storyline or someone they will relate most to. The problems they all had were relatable and things that many people experience.

It was all in all a very sad book to read but I absolutely loved it. The characters and the family kind of grew on me. I felt like I was in there summer beach house following this story. I had a hard time putting this book down.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas: book review


Genre: Young Adult (but should be read by EVERYONE)

Pages: 464

Publisher: Balzer + Bray

My rating: 4/5 stars





I feel like I don’t have to tell you anymore how important this book is. Everyone has been talking about it and so many people have been reading it. That’s the best part of the book it opens up a conversation, a discussion and that’s what we need to do. We need to talk about it. Make everyone (EVERYONE) aware of what is happening in the US right now.

This book was heartbreaking, inspiring and honest. After reading it I wanted to leave my house go on the streets and fight for human rights. I loved that feeling and I never want to lose it.
I’m glad this book is getting so much attention, it totally deserves it.
I only had one problem with this book and it was the fact that it didn’t just concentrate on one t hing. I really didn’t car about High School drama, her boyfriend or any other side character. I really only wanted to know how Star dealt with this situation. The last ten chapters felt a bit unnecessary or could have been way shorter. I just think it would have been better as a short book about a girl who has witnessed her friend being shot by a police officer. This book is more of a family and high school drama plus the shooting story. Also my problem was that whenever I put the book down I never really wanted to pick it up again. I knew what was going to happen at the end and I didn’t feel very connected to the main character.

I would still highly recommend reading this book. It’s extremely important and I’m so glad that it exists.

My favorite films

I watch a lot of films. (A LOT !). It’s even my future plan to make films and major in it. So you could easily say I’m a film enthusiast. These are some of my favorite films. I’m very sure that after writing this list I will remember ten films I have forgotten to mention so expect another list sometime ! To narrow this list down I didn’t put on any book to film adaptations on, except from the ones where I haven’t read the books. I also didn’t put more than one film of the same director. So let’s get started:

My absolute favorite film of all time is :

 1. Into the wild



I’m not going to go too much into detail but whenever life gets too much I watch this film.

The cinematography, the soundtrack, the places…. This film is just absolutely gorgeous to look at and so captivating.
The message is heartbreaking and the main character is the most I have ever empathized with someone.

Would highly recommend it to everyone

2. Whiplash



I guess some people would have expected LaLaLand on this list but I think Whiplash is way better. Whiplash is the most stressful film I have ever seen. It has suspense even though it has no mystery. This movie makes you bite your teeth and sit at the edge of your seat even though the storyline could sound ‘boring’. Well it’s not.
It’s the most perfect film I have ever seen. There is nothing that could have been done better.



3. Edward Scissorhands


This film has a lot of personal meaning to me. I was very little and my mum was watching it downstairs. I remember how I walked in when Edward was totally freaking out and I was so scared. I couldn’t sleep for days. When I became a bit older I finally watched it and that’s how my love for Tim Burton started. That’s why this film means so much to me.

I’ve literally seen every Tim Burton film now. He’s my favorite storyteller and a huge inspiration.





4. Star Wars (the original trilogy)

I was very late to this fandom but when I started watching these films I knew that there was no going back. I am obsessed with Star Wars. I love talking about it, I love rewatching it and I absolutely love the fact that I now get a chance to live the excitement for a new trailer or film.

The story is just mind blowing and I’m so in love with Han Solo and Princess Leia. They are my favorite characters of all time.


I wanted to make a top five but honestly I couldn’t chose another film because there were too many films that would have deserved to be on this list.

What are some of your favorite films? And should I do a ‘My favorie tv-shows’ list ?


Why Young Adult Romances suck

“Beautiful face. Beautiful body. Horrible attitude. It was the holy trinity of hot boys.”
― Jennifer L. Armentrout, Obsidian

“Look, let me just say it: He was hot. A nonhot boy stares at you relentlessly and it is, at best, awkward and, at worst, a form of assault. But a hot boy . . . well.”
― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

“Are you all right,” he whispered, his lips brushing the tips of my spiky hair. Granted, I knew he was only being discreet so as to save poor Hillary from being reamed again, but my knees didn’t know the difference. They betrayed me, buckling under his hot breath on my ear and the deep whisper that tickled my senses.”
― Gwenn Wright, Filter
I can’t do it any longer. I can’t read one more description of a very tall guy, with brown hair that was falling down on his forehead. He was mysterious and handsome. The hottest guy that ever existed. He had green, blue and grey eyes. His cheekbones were so defined. His body was amazing.

Who I’m talking about?

Edward Cullen  – Twilight

Peter Kavinsky – To all the boys I’ve loved before

Daemon – Obsidian

Adrian- Vampire Academy

Alex Fuentes – Perfect Chemistry

Will Herondale – The Infernal Devices

Warner- Shatter Me

Four – Divergent

Raffe – Angelfall

Any boy in any Colleen Hoover book


Please give me something new. Something more realistic. I’m not going to lie and pretend like I myself did not fall in love with a character described in that way  (I did plenty of times), but I can’t any longer. Every time I start reading such a description my eyes start rolling and in my head a voice is shouting “he’s not real”. Now don’t get me wrong I know that when I read a fictional book the characters aren’t going to be real, but while reading the book that’s not something that should pop up in my head. When I read a romance heavy book I do it for entertainment. I am entertained when I get sucked in a book or a movie and can live in that for a while. I don’t want to read a character description and think about how fake it is. And I think that’s the biggest problem. The characters are so unrealistic that there is no way I can enjoy reading the book.
Whatever happens is just not believable. The main character has never in her life been to a party and the first guy she meets is this extremely attractive bad boy who loves reading and listens to indie music?  I’m more likely to meet Jesus at that party than such a guy.

Also I feel like they just make it so easy for themselves. The authors don’t even have to think about any character trades any longer they just use the one everyone else seems to be successful with. I don’t want every boy I read about to also like books. Just because the person reading your book probably likes reading doesn’t mean the love interest has to. I don’t want every boy in the book to be a hero. Maybe he isn’t strong and won’t go into dumb fights for his girl. I don’t want every guy to have an extremely hot body. Maybe he doesn’t like working out. Please just give him a bit of character.

The only bad boy who reads classics is Jess from Gilmore Girls :



What bothers me as well is how the girls in the books are usually getting into these (unrealistic) situations where they can’t get anybodies help except form that tall, hot bad boy who reads. No other human beings around you? That’s realistic. You had a fight with all of your friends that night? Sure why not.

Oh and I forgot about his tragic past. Parents died. Siblings died. Dog died. Cat died. Fridge died. Everything in his life died which he uses as an excuse to treat you like a piece of shit (because he has to be a bad boy). He doesn’t say any of this until you find out from someone else and now you like him even more because he’s even more mysterious. Damn that’s clever.

I love Romance and I’ve been searching for good ones but it seems to me as if the only Contemporary books which do have good romance are the once with LGBTQ+ characters. As a straight girl I sometimes do want to read a Romance with a girl meets boy story and I do want to enjoy it, but HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO ENJOY IT WHEN THE AUTHOR IS CONSTANTLY TALKING ABOUT HOW FUCKING HOT HE IS.

Most people don’t look like GQ models, why can’t you accept that?

The other thing that drives me crazy is that when they do get together after 280 pages the author decides they want a longer book so they google the word ‘misunderstanding’ and put an unnecessary plot into their book which makes it 200 (painful) pages longer. It’s literally a problem that could be solved with one conversation but since the two are so angry at each other they don’t talk until that very tragic accident (car crash probably).

But we all know what happens at the end, don’t we? They end up together. Oh happy endings how I hate you…


If you do have any recommendations for books without such characters please let me know! Also I am well aware that there are books which aren’t like that for example Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I was just talking about the majority of YA romances.